About Whiskey Media Studios

Meet the Founder, Andi Whiskey

Andi has a storied background in running businesses since she was 16.

She has had a camera in her hand since 2009, when she bought herself a Canon DSLR.

She started photographing her friends' skateboarding and dabbled in weddings for a while.

She went on to found Whiskey, Ink, & Lace, a men's grooming products brand since 2013. In that time, she found her photography passion to lie in product photography, as she did most of WIL's own photos.

She eventually focused her attention to headshots, creative portraits, and product photography. That's how Whiskey Media was founded.

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Stand Up Comedian

Outside of photography and running (multiple) businesses, she is also a stand up comedian. She's performed on stages across the country, from Zanies in Nashville to Hollywood comedy clubs on Sunset Blvd. and everywhere in between.

Interestingly, this lends to making her a skilled photographer for a few reasons. She is in the entertainment industry, helping her have insider knowledge to what's needed to further your career in the industry.

It also helps to make photo shoots just fun. Never a dull moment on set with Andi.

Stand Up Comedian

Competitive Bodybuilder

Andi has competed as a competitive bodybuilder since 2015. Getting on stage for competitions requires hours and hours of posing coaching. She's taken what she's learned from expert posing on stage in front of hundreds, being judged for how she holds her body, and applies it to how she helps coach clients through poses for photos.

You're in expert hands with Andi on set.

Competitive Bodybuilder