About Us

Meet the Founders

Andi Whiskey and Nemo originally met for a photo shoot in 2020.

Andi was in search of a model for a shoot and Nemo, a fellow photographer, reached out to help.

Soon, one shoot became hundreds, and Nemo's background in graphic design, photography, videography, and the arts led to helping Whiskey Media grow from a small studio to a full blown agency.

They even went on to found Twist & Tailor together, a digital marketing agency for food and beverage brands.

Andi and Nemo trade off being lead on photo and video shoots for projects now, but you're in good hands either way.

Agency Director

Andi has a storied background in running businesses since she was 16.

She started in web and graphic design, and branched out from there to print publication, photography, and e-commerce. She even founded a luxury barbershop in 2017.

She has been founder and owner of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace, a men's grooming products brand since 2013 and founded Whiskey Media in 2019.

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Andi Whiskey

Creative Director

Nemo went to school for graphic design, as a deeply artistic human who wanted to find the best ways to express himself in whatever form he could.

His main focus was graphic design, but he fell passionately in love with photography and video.

He uses his art school education, plus extensive experience immersed in thousands of photo and video shoots for years to help you capture your vision.


Nemo Whiskey