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A headshot is often the first impression that people have of you as a professional. Depending on your career goals, there are many considerations to make when preparing for a photoshoot. A professional photography agency may offer services like hair and makeup or it may consult you on several outfit choices to captivate different sides of your personality. But of the many choices you have, one of the most important is the background for your headshots.

Solid Color Backgrounds for Professional Headshots

When you’re selecting your background, we recommend certain colors depending on what you’re trying to achieve.


Set yourself up as a thought leader in your industry and stand out when you choose white. It’s the best background for professional headshots and it’s ideal for professionals that need a lot of formality, operate business to business, or if you’re beginning a new job hunt.

Recommended for headshots for:
Lawyers, executives, tech

 Headshots on white background


A grey headshot background is a great way to make your photo feel more intimate and personable to the consumer. If you’re operating business to consumer or offer local services, grey can allow your personality to stand out without sacrificing your professionality.

Recommended for headshots for:
Realtors, financial advisors, customer service specialists, HR

 Grey Background


If you’re in a creative field, we recommend a black headshot background as the choice for you. Black will allow you to create a feeling that’s much more dramatic and emotional using shadows and a deeper contrast between you and the background. A black background can help you represent yourself professionally while letting your personality stand out.

Recommended for headshots for:
Authors, chefs, barbers, comedians, artists, musicians, and more.

 Author Headshots

Headshots on a black background

Natural Headshot Backgrounds

You may also choose to use natural scenery for your headshot background depending on your goals. As an artist, you may want a professional headshot of you in your studio to convey your working environment or give people an idea of your process. As a business professional, you may find that a headshot in your cityscape helps people see you as an authority for your area. Consider your profession and how the environment may influence your ideal customer. If ambiance is relevant, it could be worth a few extra headshots in your portfolio.

Professional Headshots by Whiskey Media

When you’re representing yourself as a professional, your headshot is often the first impression people have of you. Make sure it’s a good one and book your own photoshoot with a team of professionals that understand how to curate a look that’s true to your career goals and your personality. If you're in Los Angeles County or Long Beach, CA, we can help. Contact us today!

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