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There's an art to curating the perfect photos for your dating apps. 

You don't want to look too staged. You don't want the photos to be too outdated. You want to look fun, but not too wild. You want to look professional, but not too stuffy.

So here's a tip for the coming season to help you get more dates.

Dating Photography in Denver

Keep Your Dating App Photos Up to Date

First key point: keep your photos looking recent.

People won't swipe if your photos look like they were from the early 2000s. 

They want to know who they're about to show up on a first date with.

Having current photos will also increase your chance of a second date. No one wants to be catfished. So having photos that look like how you currently look will increase your chances of them wanting a second date with you.

But to go a step further, here's a tip for how to make sure your photos look recent:

Have Photos Where You're Dressed for the Weather

Dating Photos Dressed for the Weather in Denver

This is the main point here. 

If it's winter or fall, maybe forgo all the swimsuit by the pool photos. You may have looked great that day, but the further the season feels from swimsuit weather, the more likely people will assume the photo is old and you no longer look like that.

Don't be afraid to show off your comfiest sweater for fall or a winter jacket on the slopes (but maybe avoid photos of you in full goggles and gear.... they want to see your face). 

On the flipside, when spring and summer roll around, time to ditch the snowboarding photos (except maybe one to show off your hobbies). 

If you're not careful, it'll look like you're hiding something or not being honest about your appearance. Keeping recent photos that match the season will help people know that what they see is what they'll get when they show up for that first date.


Keep Your Dating Photos Up to Date in Colorado

Extra Tip: Including Photos of You With Your Phone Isn't a Bad Thing 

Having a photo here or there where you're holding your phone can give off the subconscious message that you respond to messages and texts.

Just be careful that there aren't too many photos with your phone visible, or they might suspect that you're always on it, which is less appealing. 


Extra Extra Tip: Get Professional Dating Photos Done By Pros

Pro Dating Photos photographers will be able to help you get photos that don't look too staged, but still show off your true vibes.

Make sure to review their portfolio, first. If the photos look too stiff or not professional enough, getting photos done from them could end up hurting your dating profile.

If you need photos and are in Long Beach, CA, we're here to help.

We have a process to help you get natural looking photos that will ensure dates... and not just first dates!

You can book a free consultation or schedule your session with us directly here

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