by Andi Whiskey May 30, 2022 2 min read

Are you considering professional headshots for your portfolio, website, or business cards?

Whatever the reason, headshots can make the difference in setting your brand apart from the competition.

Clean, professional photography can give your brand a face, make it an attractive prospect for new business, and it can even provide you with an air of confidence as you negotiate new business relationships. 

What’s a Professional Headshot? 

Professional headshots are photographs used to provide a face to your business, whether you’re a personal brand or a large corporation with many employees. They’re a style of portraiture that usually focuses on the subject’s face and upper body while framing them in a lighting that makes them the sole focus of the shot.

Why Do I Need Headshots?

If you have a personal brand or own a business, headshots can communicate your brand identity, setting expectations for your product or services in the customer’s mind.

First Impression

Often, your headshot is one of the first impressions someone has of your brand. When they’re scrolling through your website, you want to give them a face to picture behind your business, especially in the digital age when everything can feel much more impersonal. 

Brand Authority

People want to do business with people they can trust, and part of establishing that initial trust is how you represent yourself. Headshots give you the opportunity to match your look with your position. If you walked into a doctor’s office, you would immediately feel uneasy if your practitioner was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Instead, you expect your doctor to represent themselves in a professional manner. Your headshot gives you the opportunity to look the part. If they’re done well, people will feel more comfortable lending you their trust. 

While researching your competitors’ websites, you may notice many don’t have headshots, and those that do are grabbed from old profile photos on social media, poorly lit selfies, or cropped from a family vacation photo. Professional headshots give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. 

Brand Image & Personality

While headshots give you the opportunity to refine your look and solidify yourself as an authority in your industry, they also allow you to express yourself and create a unique visual identity that people relate to your brand. When preparing for a shoot, a photographer will consider variables like background, wardrobe, hair, and makeup to help express your personality in a professional regard.

Professional Headshot Tips

  • Choose a wardrobe that’s professional, yet expressive of who you are.
  • Hire a photographer with work that you like.
  • Update your headshot on an annual basis.
  • Relax, eat well, and sleep the night before.

Considering Headshots for Your Brand?

Professional headshots are one of the first steps we recommend for brands looking to grow their digital presence. Make your brand as unique as the people behind it. Contact us today.

Andi Whiskey
Andi Whiskey