by Andi Whiskey October 24, 2023 1 min read

Recently, we had the pleasure of shooting for an equity firm in El Segundo, CA, in the Los Angeles area.

They wanted to utilize their beautiful office that was full of windows and glass. We shot this nice and narrow, using a beauty dish and reflector, with narrow focus, to create the nice blurred background effect.

The tricky part for this shoot was to get the color and lighting for each individual as close to the same as possible, even though we were moving all around the office, with different ambient lighting, different colored walls reflecting on the subjects, and I also was wheeling our strobe light around with me, so we had to make sure that was the right distance from the subjects. Oh, not to mention they were all different heights. 

So it was tricky to keep them all consistent, for sure, but that's why being meticulous and detail-oriented pays off.

Here are the resulting photos:



If you need photos for your corporate team in the Long Beach or Los Angeles area, we can make it happen. We can either come to you and shoot in your office with a very easy setup, or you can come to our Long Beach Photography Studio conveniently located right off the 405 on Cherry Ave. 

Feel free to book a consultation call with us to discuss what you're looking for. 

Andi Whiskey
Andi Whiskey

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